Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Emsyne has the unique expertise in mobile development for multiple technologies to create powerful native and hybrid mobile web apps for popular mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile Phone. Our expertise includes designing and building of real-time apps, mobile web utility products that go well together with your business needs allowing instant messaging, e-mailing and mobile accessibility to vital business operational areas.

Our Mobility solutions include geo mapping app, Sales Lead App, and various extensions app for loan modules such as easy repayment, loan approvals, Loan at Home, Field verification, and various add on apps for our main software solutions.

i-Pay (Payment App)
State-of-the-art mobile application i-Pay facilitates customers to manage pay and repay online anytime from the comfort of their mobile phone. The app thereby acts as a delivery channel in the core banking system, facilitating customers to repay loans online in a safe and secure way, and thereby lending a personalized banking experience to the customer. The app integrated with Google Map features, Live Chat, and Helpline with facility to book appointment with branch. Customers can book appointment, calculate eligible loan amount based on the present gold rates, repay loan interest for already subscribed loans, interest prepaid loan renewal, loan withdrawal, online loan top up and many more features.

Geo-mapping App
This is a mobile application for mapping own company operating units and nearby branches of competing entities in a geography. This helps management to make better informed business decisions and to impart requisite strategies/approaches to own company units to have a competitive edge. This geo mapping app allows the user to locate units, service outlets and other business points in map. User has the option to search for specific area using search bar. The searches are stored and retrieved and user can mark favourite business units. Using the show direction options user can navigate from current location to the selected service unit.

Loan @ Home
Loan at Home app lends a personalized feel to the lending process, facilitating customers to avail themselves of loan from the comfort of their home. The app aids in swift processing and quick sanctioning of loans, consequently leading to betterment in loan portfolio. The data collected will be synced on a real time basis so that the higher officials in any levels could easily track the current status of the service extended and to take a decisive action. Additionally, this app will suggest an optimized/faster route to reach the destination and will be authenticated with an OTP to ensure the staff has met the right customer. This app allows the user to register for a loan from anywhere and the authorized company executive can schedule appointments with the respective user.

i-Secure is a highly specialized application that enables designated security personnel of a company to trace individual visitors approaching a branch office for transaction, thereby quashing the possibility of any fraudulent activity. Security personnel equipped with the app can crosscheck authenticity of a customer by feeding their phone number into the app, which will generate the customer-related information. A photo of the customer is also generated, making identification that much easier. If a new customer approaches the office, the app facilitates taking his/her photo and provides option for OTP verification which is generated on the customer’s gadget, ensuring legitimacy of that customer.

This App is for capturing requisite information pertaining to active customers and submitting FVR (Field Verification Report) by company staff. This will facilitate the collation of customer personal details, service details, which would better help the authorized to assess the customer requirements and to offer tailor-made business products even. The FVR app is a specialized tool in the hands of designated company branch staff that enables them to conduct contact point verification of customers and capture required details in real-time through mobility devices. The app simplifies and fastens the vital process of field verification integral to the loan processing system of any financial institution.

MSales is a sales lead that App allows company to strengthen their marketing initiatives by allowing lead creation on the spot. The app can work as standalone system or can act as an extended arm of any CRM type applications. Sales App allows generating leads and doing follow-up of leads. The app can be used for customer-on-boarding using online KYC authentication mechanisms.

Extension Apps
Apart from these showcased mobility solutions, we have a bunch of extension apps to augment our core applications such as CBS, LMS, HRMS and Forex Systems.

iLeave App
For facilitating employees to mark leaves on time from any Android compatible device, which is working as an extension of our HRMS enterprise application.

Personal Loan
This hybrid app have features to view loan details of customer. New loan applicants can apply for loans through this app by providing basic details.

Approval App
This application can be used as extension of any system for managing approvals of various business operations.

App for manager’s daily work. This app provides monthly activity scheduler, in which users can schedule their daily activity and daily work report in which the user can enter employees work report or visit details.